Japan:Cool returns with a surprise at London Comic-Con

London-MCM-Comic-Con-2017-May-UK-JapanCool-GCon-6For the first time at MCM Comic-Con, you were able to find Japan:Cool in two locations. With one side of the venue showing off our mega range of mecha model kits and the other our goodies from Bandai’s Tamashii Nations, we exhibited the best from Japan, with a few at your request. It’s always a delight to see all the ecstatic cosplayers and attendees and if you missed it, delight us with your presence next time. They always get better each time, so you’re bound to have a blast.


TN Spiral Heart Moon Rod 02One of our most notable eye-catching products at our Tamashii Nations stall was the Spiral Heart Moon Rod from Sailor Moon. It easily found itself being enthusiastically waved around by our staff members and delightful visitors. A limited edition replica that also comes with sound effects? Yes please.

London-MCM-Comic-Con-2017-May-UK-JapanCool-GCon-Costume-Cosplay-24Additionally, Bandai exhibited Gunpla for the first time at London Comic-Con, which is a great sign for all of us Gundam fanatics. The more to gaze at, the better, right? We also bumped into one of the four podcasters from Gunpla Club Podcast, your Gundam-fuelled go-to on YouTube, as we both photographed a fellow fan in their humorous and awesome cosplay.

Saint Seiya


In light of this incredible animé’s success, we created our own poster of Saint Seiya, depicting the story arc, characters and the sanctuary in which their story takes place. Stopping fans in their tracks to gaze at our Saint Seiya Gold Saints display, those who had never heard of it also became curious. A wonderful surprise to guests was the two forms in which each premium collectible within this range could take. Check out our introduction to the manga and animé… if you like what you see, indulge yourself in a new world and feel the Cosmo. (Our poster also received a notable compliment from Bandai themselves which made us grin)


Cosplay Gallery

Always included in our Comic-Con coverages, we present our gallery of the cosplayers we had to stop to take a photo of. Perhaps you’re amongst one of them? This is inspiration galore for aspiring cosplayers too.


Thanks for viewing our content. We hope to see you there next time!