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A vast amount of cosplayed guests and variety of exhibitors, special guests and events were all truly conveyed at MCM Birmingham Comic-Con over the weekend of March 18th &19th 2017. As someone who has attended this event at the NEC (and other cities) many times, Comic-Con is undeniably becoming one of the top conventions to attend due to its wide audience appeal, from the casual gamer to the full-on nerd. It’s a great way to also introduce yourself to new fandoms, enjoy 1-on-1 time with celebrities and generally hop from world to world.


Japan:Cool & Tamashii Nations

After only a week since Liverpool Comic-Con, our Japan-Cool stall was back with more. Unleashing limited edition One-Piece animé figures made by Bandai’s Tamashii Nations, alongside new releases including the Papagguy, the adorable Petit’gguys and ferocious mech model kit of the REX from Metal Gear Solid 4.


Metal Art Productions

Metal Art Productions return to MCM, after displaying their incredible Iron Man-esque sculpture at Liverpool, and this time with a stall showing off the range of their geek metal sculptures, made from recycled irons, bolts and springs.


Star Wars & Doctor Who

UK Garrison showcased their Star Wars cosplayers and props, with their Movie and TV group called Reel Icons also present, a group of 125 cosplayers, from DC, Marvel, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and more. In the last 4 years, £200,000 has been raised to their directly supported charities, which is the purpose behind making us all smile with their authentic costumes, and our cherished photo-clicking culture. CLIC Sergant Charity for Children with Cancer were also at the event to raise awareness. An extra treat for Sci-Fi fans, Mandalorian Mercs showed off their props, a costume club specialising in Star Wars.


Go Virtual

Exclusively at MCM, Virutal Reality headsets from Go Virtual were priced down to £20. By inserting your smartphone into the headset and YouTube streaming VR-targeted videos for free (or VR Apps), you are thrown into a unique experience. Riding a rollercoaster in the middle of a Comic-Con crowd was new for me. The staff were so friendly and you’re welcome to try your phone out with their VR Goggles and if that reels you in, take advantage of the exclusive discount, along with some other cool accessories for your iPhone or Android.


Archery & Walking Dead Shooting Areas

Whether you’re a high level Archer or zombie annihilator, these side-by-side shooting areas were a hot-spot for testing your skill.


So many goodies…


Only at Comic-Con, will you find a dinosaur buying their next comic, the one pictured choosing Forbidden Planet amongst the many comic distributors in the venue. Fanverse were first-time exhibitors, selling their personally selected DC & Marvel Fan Art from a collective of unique and talented artists, in prints, caps, smartphone holders and badges. I also found Movie Script copies with celebrity signatures, a plethora of Star Wars Art & merchandise, Japanese Animé drinks and more… the selection of treats at this event was mind-blowing.



Comic Con Photo Stop


Transformers | Optimus Prime


Robots Live




Back to the Future DeLorean


SteamPunk Emporium


Lightsaber Workshop


MCM Cosplay Contest


We will be at MCM London Comic-Con in the Spring (26th, 27th & 28th of May 2017).

(Part 1: Exhibitors & Events | Part 2: Special Guests | Part 3: Cosplay Gallery)