Tamashii Nations is your go-to place if you are a hunter for collectibles, or a casual fan looking for a special reminder of your favourite game or animé. Their most popular lines are DragonBall, Sailor Moon, Super Mario, Star Wars and Power Rangers… and that’s just the cusp of their selection (with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a recent addition). Reviving the best characters from Macross, Saint Seiya, Kamen Rider, Star Wars and more; TN also impressively replicated Bruce Lee and Freddie Mercury (Queen) and a lot of their stock have interchangeable hands and props with considerable pose-ability.

Where TN’s range also include mecha, Japan:Cool’s goods centre around the most popular Japanese Mecha series of them all… ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ (1979-Present). Within a sci-fi military setting, a war wages as ace pilots from each side use giant killer robots to fight their battles. Japan:Cool will have an extensive range of their mecha model kits and knowledgeable staff for you to find a new favourite kit, ask for tips and tricks or, if you’re unfamiliar, discover a new hobby. J:C is an online store so you can always order in your next kit.

Tamashii Nation‘s products now available here at Japan-Cool.co.uk

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[Article featured on the MCM Comic-Con London website as Tamashii Nations and Japan:Cool joined forces for the October 2016 exhibition]

(1) TN – Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | (2) TN – Samurai Stormtrooper – Star Wars | (3) TN – Vegeta – Super Saiyan Blue – Dragonball | (4) J:C – Barbatos – Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans