An event hosted by Japan-Cool and sponsored by Mig Jimenez, G-Con was the UK’s first Gundam Convention, held in York over two days in September 2016.

Influenced by the Gunpla Builder’s World Cup, G-Con 2016 held a Gunpla Build Competition which went amazingly at the UK’s first Gundam Convention, with 21 model kits showing off a range of techniques within unique and innovate customisation.

First place was taken by Jack Ransom with his incredibly-detailed and intricately-painted Zaku and Char, and earned first prize: a trip to Japan.

Now for the best part… the photos of all the contest builds, along with critique by the judges. Enjoy and we can’t wait for G-Con 2017!

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First Place – Jack Ransom – Zaku with Char

“Great detail work, lots of colour separation and shading with a ton of decals. Good inner-mechanical work and metallic edging effects and a very finely painted Char Aznable figure. Modifications fit the aesthetic very well.”

Second Place – Gavin Kovacs – Bathhouse Diorama

“Fantastically imaginative, humorous, well thought out and completely unique. Great scale modelling skill on show. Water effect is fantastic. Rubber duckies a good touch.”

Third Place – Stuart Lathe – Nu Gundam

“Gorgeously detailed, good use of off-white tones and some really fine masking work. Nice exposure of inner mechanics. Nice additional metallic modifications makes it more unique.”

Blue & Orange Sazabi – Emilio M

“A nice mix of stylistic highlighting in the paint work combined with the realism of decay, very unique look.”

Shot-Up Guntank – Henry Januszewski


“A great depiction of the aftermath of battle. Really nice rusting and weathered effects. Battle damage nicely worked to make that melted metal look.” (Photography by Henry)

Zaku II BigGun – Karl Woods

“A really cool animé-style diorama with a real sense of space-guerilla warfare. The drab tones are a nice choice and the disembowelled GM parts are a nice touch.”

Dom R35 – Julien Packard

“Subtle, clean multi-tonal animé-style blues with cool metallics.”

Wing Zero – James Austen

“Good pre-shading work and bold colour choices. Very clean.” (Photograph by James Austen)

Red Sazabi – Simon Pattison

“Textbook OOB paint job, very clean with some good tonal variation to emphasise part separation.”

Hi-Nu – Stuart Lathe

“Good contrast in the paint job, nice use of metallics. Armour separation mod a nice touch.”


“Good classical styling, clean and well-detailed.”

Smashed-up Cherudim – Ibriz Daya

“Good sense of scale, nicely and heavily battle damaged.” (Photography by Ibriz)

Sazabi (with miniature Char) – Stuart Lathe

“Tight work, good tonal variation and sharp detail. Good masking skills demonstrated on the weapon.”

Barbatos – Solomon Meshoulam

“Nice, clearly done OOB job with subtle shading.”

Guntank/Gouf Combo – Christopher McGowan

“Great aesthetic, real mecha overkill. Forboding and shiny. Nice choice of metallic colouring.”

Gusion – Emilio M

“Cool little stylised hammer-wielding stumpy chunk of robot. Interesting choices of decal with a very unique simulated iridescent paint job.”

00 Raiser – Tianyi Wang

“Well-constructed and very clean.”

Heavily-Armed Red Zaku – Neil Cameron

“Great modifications with a serious amount of kill. Enjoying the brass metallics, well-detailed.”

Wing Ver Ka – Benjamin Guilfoyle

“Clean paint work, supplemented well with some edged weathering effects.”

Astaroth – Miquel Tankard 

“Nice kit bashing skills on show, keeping the asymmetrical approach and well proportioned. Nice medium weathering.”

Neo-Zeong – Leon Tilbrook

“Nice depiction from the Unicorn animé, unique colour ideas and heavy shading.”

The event was hosted by Japan-Cool (online Gunpla retailer), sponsored by Mig Jimenez and the competition was judged by Simon Curry (G-Con logo designer and creator of, Darren Ling and Gary Within.

A massive thank you to all the staff who helped the event come to life and to all the guests for creating an atmosphere we will never forget.