gbwc-03G-Con UK (Sept 2016) will be running a Gunpla Build Competition and will operate a lot like the official Gunpla Builder’s World Cup (GBWC). GBWC is held annually as a chance for Gundam Mecha Modellers to compete amongst the best, proving their talent-infused innovation and creativity by customising Bandai’s extensive range of Gunpla model kits.

The contestants are judged by craftsmanship, painting and concept (idea) and categories are split by age groups. The events are hosted by Bandai in each of the countries, with one or two of the winners who place 1st within their categories winning a trip to Japan to represent their countries at the GBWC Grand Finale at Gundam Front, Tokyo. (We are also awarding 1st place in our competition a trip to Japan – view our rules & guidelines here)

gbwc_2015_lancenguyen_2nd_australiaThe following 13 countries take part in the Gunpla Builder’s World Cup: Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, North America and Italy.

It would be great to see Gundam grow in the west so more European countries could partake, as we see a lot of talented mecha model kit builders within our G-Club Facebook Group (and many in other groups and around the web).