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(by Dizma Dahl)

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Cel-Ga.com, attendees of MCM Comic-Con and Hyper-Japan, will be at G-Con 2016 with a selection of their Original Japanese Animé Cels! Unsure what Cels are? Read on to find out from Cel-Ga.com themselves, in this exclusive interview!

When did Cel-Ga start and what do you offer for animé lovers?

Cel-Ga department was created by the owners of Japanese-Gallery established since 1977 selling authentic Japanese antiques and traditional woodblock prints internationally, having a store in London (Kensington and Angel), the shop offers mostly original vintage Japanese Art and has slowly expanded to more modern Art forms by selling Original Anime Cels.
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What are ‘Cels’?

For all the Anime fans, Cel-Ga.com offers original Animation cel frames that was used in the production process, for any anime fans this is an opportunity to own a custom, handmade, original anime cel.

Cel-Ga is the Japanese term for celluloid picture and this celluloid picture was used to make old hand-drawn animation by having many sequences of these Cels of the same image but with slight differences between each of them.

What do you have in store for G-Con?

We will have a lot of Robot/Mecha related Cels from 80s/90s Anime and a selection of rare Gundam Cels.

What do your customers appreciate most from you?

Aside from guaranteeing authentic genuine Cels, Cel-Ga prides itself on its wide selection of various Anime series and constantly increasing selection based around our customer requests. The team here are always happy to meet and greet new customers.

Cel-Ga 05Do you attend conventions often? Did you find a lot of people were familiar with Cel already?

Yes we attend conventions, especially MCM Comic con, Hyper Japan and Japan Matsuri! Surprisingly many people do know of Animation Cels but the vast majority and younger generation have no idea what Cel Animation is and are amazed when they find out what they are and that they are original too.

What have been your most asked-for/popular Cels? Is your selection of products constantly changing given their nature?

Studio Ghibli Cels are always in demand because of their huge popularity internationally and Anime series like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and One piece are always asked for. Our selections of Cels are always growing and we have quite a vast amount of cels that range from popular to more niche anime series.

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How familiar is the UK with Cel? Are you looking forward to its awareness increasing?

I would say that the UK is aware of Cel Animation as they had Cel Animation within the UK but when it comes to Anime Cels it’s not so well known yet. There isn’t a huge market for these Anime Cels over here and that’s why we are offering and selling these original cels for the Anime fan base internationally besides from Japan.

Any exciting future plans?

We are hoping to attend MCM in October again and our future plans are to generally expand Cel-Ga’s awareness to all the Anime fans and lovers.

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To find out more about Japanese Animé Cels, click here for Cel-Ga‘s fantastic description on the topic and be in the know!

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