The UK’s first Gundam Café

…and an interview with Otaku Café

(Written by Dizma Dahl)

Gundam Cafe 01Gundam Café will be re-created in the UK for G-Con 2016, the UK’s first Gundam/Mecha Model Kit & Animé Convention! Complete with a sci-fi themed bar, Gundam decoration, character-themed coffees and more, this experience amongst our other events is not one to be missed. In addition, Otaku Café’s energetic and Japan-obsessed waitresses will be there as Federation Officers, ready to salute you and serve dishes at your command!

A little about Gundam Café…

Gundam Cafe 02The Gundam Café in Tokyo, Japan will be on any Mecha lover’s bucket list. For those that don’t know, this café is located in Diver City Tokyo Plaza which is home to the world’s only full-size Gundam (18m tall!) as well as the museum ‘Gundam Front Tokyo’. The statue was made in 2009 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Gundam animé, so be sure to check this place out if you’re ever in Japan!

Along with the aforementioned Gundam Café elements we’re applying to G-Con, the café has a gift shop, statues at the entrance, character-themed dishes, animé, gunpla and LED lighting. However, if you are UK-bound this September 2016, be sure to see our take on the Gundam Café at G-Con.

Interview with Otaku Café

Gundam Cafe Otaku Cafe 02_01
Otaku Café will be at G-Con to bring the Gundam Café experience to life.

I caught up with the owner of Otaku Café, Deanne, and it’s going to be great to have her team members, Rissa and Amy, join us for our Gundam Café experience. Read on to find out more.

When did Otaku Café start?

January 2015.

Are you, Rissa and Amy excited for a military twist on the Maid Café experience which is already beloved in Japan?

Yes, we are. We have always wanted to do some form of collaboration that really takes Otaku Cafe outside the boundaries. The fact that it is Gundam based is the cherry on top of the cake.

How have your personal experiences of Maid Cafés, and the Gundam Café itself, been to you?

My personal experiences are what encouraged me to begin Otaku Café to start with. Visiting Japan, I was able to experience both the maid cafe franchise and the Gundam Café in Akihabara and it was purely unforgettable.

What’s the UK market for Maid Cafés like? Are you excited at its prospects?

As it stands, the UK market are still new to this as it’s something that is out of their culture zone. However, I feel that as time passes and more people experience the maid café’s in the UK, the more popular it will be. I’m very excited to see this unfold into something amazing.

Was there a definitive moment that caused you to launch Otaku Café?

Yes. A friend and I travelled to Japan together over 5 years ago and one day last year during a random conversation, we started talking about maid café’s in London and then out of nowhere we went from mere words to actually registering the business.

What has been the best gig/event for Otaku Café? Do you get asked for private dinner parties?

I would have to say our most recent pop-up in Fashion Street, East London. We were running for 5 days and even though it was our first stand alone pop-up away from MCM Comic-Con, it was an amazing event and we even had returning customers. We haven’t been asked to do private parties yet, but we would definitely love to.

What are three main qualities that your customers can’t help to notice when being served by your staff members?

The costumes, our personalities and the friendly atmosphere.

– – –

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