(Written by Dizma Dahl)

Renegade Pilot creator Matt Clarke confirmed for G-Con 2016!

We are happy to announce that Matt Clarke will be at G-Con with his new comic ‘Renegade Pilot’, a space adventure series, and for this convention only, exclusive Gundam and mecha-related art to compliment your collection of Gunpla.

Read on to find out more about Renegade Pilot and Matt Clarke alongside a G-Con exclusive interview with the comic creator.

Summary of Renegade Pilot

Renegade Pilot 03 KS

Introducing a comic series boasting a unique style of 1940’s-vs-1980’s space dystopian artwork and setting…

Renegade Pilot is “a sci-fi action tale of redemption that takes place during a time of war that spans across our solar system. The story takes place 7 years after the lone pilot Maxwell Machinay was branded a renegade over a mistake he made that cost him his comrades. Little does he know of the mysteries that lie ahead after a routine mission takes an unexpected turn…”

Maxwell’s character is inspired from that cliché 1980’s action hero that has military experience and seems indestructible, but in reality, a human with the ability to make mistakes and take damage. A captivating character for an audience to not only escape with, but relate to.

Matt Clark likens his comic to those such as Rogue Trooper and Star Wars because “there is an order versus chaos style of opposing armies and in between that rock and hard place, you have the Renegade Pilot”.

The comic also tackles today’s concern of pollution and overpopulation… “I decided it would be an interesting idea to take this concept to the extreme and create an alternate Earth where mankind really had plundered all the resources and was polluted and overpopulated because of it. This would lead to the demand for colonising and mining the solar system and explores how a minor political dispute between Earth and the organisation supplying the planet with resources would push a power-corrupted corporation into a conflict, leading to the war that Renegade Pilot takes place in.”

(with Matt Clarke by Dizma Dahl)

Renegade Pilot Issue 3Will your latest issue (#3) be at G-Con? Are 10 issues still in mind for the Renegade Pilot comic series?

Yes, the latest issue is currently on schedule to be printed in August so #1, #2 and #3 will be available at the event. I’m still sticking to what I said 5 months ago in that I’m determined to get the first 10 issues produced and then from there, so long as people are enjoying the comic and actually want to know what happens next?Then I’ll keep the series running for their enjoyment.

As for future plans, now that the Kickstarter supporters have helped bring in the funding for the website, my main focus after I finish #3 is really getting the digital copies and web store all sorted. But in the long run, there are plans for a whole expansion of separate stories that take place in the same universe as the Renegade Pilot, that will crossover nicely with each other. In fact there are already little hints and symbols hidden in the current issues that relate to stories and characters I’m yet to reveal.

What ideas/plans do you have in store for the art you’re creating exclusively for the guests at G-Con?

I’m very excited about the idea of doing my own take on mecha. I’ve had notes for a while now surrounding robots and mechs based around the same technology that exists within my comic. Originally these were just utility mech designs, cargo lifters and the likes built before the war. It’ll be interesting to come up with some battle variants to see what people make of the concepts though, because if they like them, then they might make an appearance in later issues. I currently have about 4 unique mechs in mind that I’m excited about designing.

I’ll also be experimenting around with other non-cannon ideas and picking out the best I’ve got for the event and generally, just having fun with the whole thing, that’s what the fandom is about after all. I might even open up to allow a few custom sketches on the day too.

renegade pilot matt clarke spaceship custom design art artist

What is/are some of your favourite Gundam designs?

Well, my favourites are the iconic RX-78 Gundam and the RGM-79 (G) mobile suit series as their designs are such a sleek mix of practicality and mobility and their squared off features just contrasts beautifully with another favourite of mine which are the Zaku II’s and it’s great for any fan to have the EFSF and the Zeon teams opposing each other on a shelf, haha.

My other favourites are both Gundams that had a transformation to them. Starting with the Zeta Gundam, which I have alongside the Zeta Plus C1 variant and the other has to be the original Wing Gundam. As growing up that was the first TV series I had encountered and the first HG model I owned too, which got me into many of the earlier shows and Gundams. Ironically it’s the only MG kit in my list that I don’t own yet, but I’ve got my eye on one!

Was it an experience or an element of yourself that created Maxwell?

 It’s kind of funny as that certainly wasn’t the intention at first. Back in 2009 he was just a generic action hero-type of badass. But as the comic evolved into this story about humanity’s flaws I decided to look into my own experiences with post-traumatic stress in order to try to humanise Max into an anti-hero who does make mistakes, and like many of us, suffers from the flaw of bottling things up.

So I gave Max a traumatic event to his past (Flight 109) and used my own experiences to put myself in his shoes. The thing was I wanted to give Max that same “I can fix this myself” mentality I used to have, and make him do the wrong thing of refusing to trust others to give him a lesson that he had to learn. The wake-up call for me when I used to suffer from PTSD was when I had a panic attack whilst driving home by myself one night, which I paid attention to and have been better ever since. But with Max, even though his suit warns him about the spikes in his heart rate, he still refuses to take note of it, even using the adrenaline surge to suppress it so he can carry on the near impossible task he has set for himself, which is to put an end to the war single handed.

The Creator behind Renegade Pilot: Matt Clarke

Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Comicbook Maker

Renegade Pilot 02His first experience of comic creation was age 4 or 5, where he began creating concept art for a character or vehicle and an entire world would emerge as name ideas, back stories and ideologies connected together. Recognition of Matt’s work expanded after attaining a degree in Graphic Design, committing to one of his project ideas and eventually gaining exposure through attending conventions as an exhibitor and online (DeviantArt, Twitter, Kickstarter). The heart of the influences behind Renegade Pilot stem from his favourite comics Rogue Trooper, Judge Dredd and the WW2 Commando Comics series, alongside Cam Kennedy and Dave Gibbons’s illustration work.

(All quotes cited from a fantastic interview by Josh Sammons on ap2hyc.com – Click here to read the full interview and find out more about Matt Clarke’s Renegade Pilot)

It was great meeting Matt in Comic Village at Birmingham MCM Comic-Con! We can’t wait to see what exclusive artwork is in store for all you Gundam and mecha lovers, so don’t miss out on this and a chance to grab a copy of Renegade Pilot!

Hope to see you all there at G-Con!